Challenger Mobile visions a borderless world for telephony, where all calls made, irrespective of geographical destination, are local calls.


The company’s quest is to make the benefits and usability of mobile VoIP known for the everyone. Therefor Challenger Mobile makes it possible for any company to offer mobile VoiP services and offer the latest generation of mobile technology to it’s customers. A technique that is truly global, cheap and easy to use.


Challenger Mobiles offers the in-house developed service CMVoIP, a solution for using the VoIP technology in the mobile phone. Through the service, all companies can launch their own IP-telephony services, to sell to their customers or for in-house use. The product is scalable and white label, so it can be labeled as you please.

Short History

The company started develop telephony protocols in 2002, and arrived at a few different solutions, some were launched commercially and some for testing only. However they were not considered profitable and in 2009-2010, a new management and staff, backed by the new owner, elaborated a new offering and business model to take mobile VIP to market. Since then the company is focused on offering the CMVoIP solution and develop new, complementing attractive functions. The operator Hi3G Sweden (3) launched a service called 3Global WiFi in 2010, which was a break through for the new business model. The company has since deployed several pilot services and projects but 2016 first big launch was made, with mobile operator Omantel and Renna Mobile in Oman. This was then followed in the beginning of 2017 with another launch in Oman, this time by FRiENDi Mobile.


Challenger Mobile’s goal is to offer a state-of-the-art product that is technically leading edge. In order to achieve this, the company continues the in-house technical development, are visible in the business and also henceforth offers an attractive and competitive product.