Mats Boquist

Mats Boquist

Chairman of the Board Mats Boquist, born 1954, member since 2009.

Solicitor. Mats divides his time between his lawfirm and his investments in a number of companies. He is also the Chairman of   the Board in Mundesco Invest AB (publ), Axlon Group AB (publ), Karlskoga Industrifastigheter AB, Marposs AB and Danco Smart Meal AB.

Tomas Ringström, born 1971, member of the board since 2014.



Johan Meijer

Chief Executive Officer and member of the Board Johan Meijer, born 1982, since 2013.

Johan previously a sales manager at Challenger Mobile since 2009.

Johan is, since July 1st 2013, also a member of the board.