Challenger Mobile has developed a service that makes it possible for operators and others to offer mobile IP telephony to its customers.

The service is based on mobile VoIP technology, i.e. IP telephony on mobile handsets. With Challenger Mobile’s service you are able to offer your customers your own IP telephony. This means your customers can make calls world wide to any fixed or mobile phone in the world! Under your brand. With extremely competitive calling rates.

Challenger Mobile offers new revenue opportunities, letting you focus on your customers and building a stronger brand.

Så här fungerar Challenger Mobile

International and mobile lifestyle
We are living an increasingly international and mobile lifestyle and we communicate over country borders more than ever. Having all our communication consolidated in one place – a mobile phone – will make our lives easier. Using Challenger Mobile’s branded service, mobile subscribers can make calls from anywhere, to everywhere, at very competitive prices, and without expensive roaming charges when connected to WiFi.

Your brand in the customer’s mobile phone
Challenger Mobile offers a so-called ”white label” solution. This means that all parts of the service carries your brand.

Every time your customer starts the application, your company logo is displayed. Your customers now make calls with your company! Read more about the benefits Challenger Mobile can offer your company here.

Simple, quick and cheap!
Established operators as well as companies wishing to improve customer relations could benefit from offer more Value Added services like mobile VoIP. Offering mobile VoIP with competitive rates to customers using Challenger Mobile’s service is quick and simple.

Quick facts about Challenger Mobile’s offer:

  • We facilitate an international and mobile lifestyle
  • We support most new smartphone handsets available on the market
  • We remove international roaming charges
  • We supply white labeled apps
  • We supply very competitive calling rates
  • We enable you to compete with all other VoIP service providers on their terms
  • We ensure your customers can pay for calls directly to you
  • We enable smooth provisioning of the apps and accounts to your users so they can start calling immediately.
  • We can also provide a Voucher setup where your customers buy white labelled Vouchers with your brand, with any denomination or currency, at any location you decide, and simply enter the username and password into the app to start making the calls.

By partnering with Challenger Mobile, you can offer your customers access to our technology without costly infrastructure investments or IT maintenance concerns for your company. Challenger Mobile handles everything. Please see presentation: Challenger Mobile Why mVoIP

Read more about the benefits here

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