Satisfied customers – stronger brands and less churn

Challenger Mobile offers a service that provides a new and interesting source of revenue for your company. Also, when you give customers the ability to make mobile calls using your company’s brand, you increase your presence in more ways than one.

Some examples

Using Challenger Mobile, your company gains an opportunity to strengthen the ties with your subscribers. You build a stronger brand at the same time as you gain revenue.

The Challenger Mobile solution is a valuable complement that does not compete with your company’s core business.

Challenger Mobile opens up interesting opportunities for new revenue streams. Below, we list different types of businesses, illustrating the opportunities and benefits a partnership with Challenger Mobile would bring:

Why mobile VoIP?
The Operator
The Travel Agent
The Retail Chain
The International Company

Everyone’s a winner

The CMVoIP service offers plenty of benefits, whether you are already an operator, if you have a business where your employees are constantly travelling, or if you are looking for interesting benefits to offer your customers. Everyone’s a winner when you embrace mobile VoIP from Challenger Mobile.

The launch of Challenger Mobile’s service is both quick and easy. We handle all technical issues. As early as six weeks after the contract has been signed, the service is up and running and the first calls can be made. We have made it happen, pls check our Press section for public information on our partnerships.