The International Company is present on all continents.

China, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, America and Africa; the European based company has sales offices or agents everywhere in the world. Nearly 5,000 employees drive the business forward, and many of them are on the move more or less all the time.

The International Company realized the potential of IP communications early on. The costs were lowered, but mobility was still limited. The employees were still dependent on access to their physical workplace in order to harness the power of IP telephony. When the International Company introduced mVoIP and became its own mobile operator, its business developed further and reduced its worldwide telephony costs.

Being able to consolidate all telephony to mobile handsets became hugely popular and quickly resulted in both social and commercial effects. The contact between employees improved, which in turn affected sales, and they could also more easily keep in touch with people back home during business travel.

Summary of benefits

  • Mobile and flexible working is facilitated by the partnership with Challenger Mobile
  • Employees can make unlimited calls within the organisation as well as cheap international calls
  • Excellent call quality in offices
  • Large cost savings on telephony

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