For the Retail Chain, loyalty programmes are an important part of customer care.

The Retail Chain is keen to find deals that provide something extra, something that puts a silver lining on everyday life. It has developed a partnership programme, offering a wide range of products and services. Offers on card and banking services, petrol and travel are included in the partnership programme.

Naturally, the Retail Chain has its own customer club. Each month, the customer gets a statement of accounts, including offers from the various partner companies. This is not a unique offer; most retail chains offer similar partner programmes. What distinguishes the Retail Chain from its competitors is the decision to add another dimension; the Retail Chain is now also a mobile operator.

In its partnership with Challenger Mobile, the Retail Chain offers its customers a supplement to their regular mobile subscription.

This is a service that is appreciated by all, especially customers who make international calls, customers with relatives abroad, or those who travel frequently. There is no doubt that the ability to “call with the Retail Chain” has strengthened the ties to its customers!

Summary of benefits

  • The Retail Chain offers low cost international calls to its customers
  • Possibility to offer free telephony between customers
  • Closer contact with customers
  • Customers make calls using the Retail Chain’s mobile brand
  • New revenue stream for the Retail Chain

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