The Travel Agent has for many years helped a growing number of travelers to replace the grey and dull weather for sun and warm seas.

There is only one thing that remains grey and dreary, and that is receiving the mobile phone bill once you get back home. That feeling remains for a long time. The explanation lies in the international roaming charges, which are perceived as unduly expensive.

The Travel Agent has long worked to complement the travel with related, value added services. Travel insurance is one example of course, as are holiday photo discounts and a company-branded MasterCard.

Challenger Mobile’s service is a natural step forward to strengthen the Travel Agent’s ties to its customers. Thanks to Challenger Mobile’s solution, the traveler calls home via the hotel’s Wi-Fi network – without international roaming charges – using his or her regular mobile phone.

Summary of benefits

  • The Travel Agent solves a problem for their customers
  • Customers use the Travel Agent’s mobile service
  • Excellent call quality
  • The Travel Agent’s brand is enhanced among its customers
  • New revenue stream for the Travel Agent

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